Let Your Kitchen Cupboards Sing the Praises of a Remodelled Kitchen

Well-made kitchen cupboards is the path to an optimised kitchen

  • Functional kitchen furniture designed to look aesthetically pleasing
  • Created to complements the style and theme of your kitchen
  • Provides safe and convenient storage for appliances and other kitchen essentials
  • Variety of value-added add-ons can be incorporated into the design like spice cabinets and wine racks
  • Increases the efficiency and order of a busy kitchen
  • Versatile styles and designs to complement your desired theme

Improved kitchen efficiency starts with affordable kitchen cupboards

Improving the function of a modern day kitchen is surprisingly deceptively simple. The answer lies in efficient storage space presented by quality kitchen cupboards that capture the mind and the heart. Kitchen cupboards are more than just wood boxes that take the form of shelves and drawers with doors, they are functional pieces of essential furniture that define a well-ordered kitchen. Quality cupboards do not have to necessarily mean expensive cupboards. Talking to expert professionals in the kitchen remodelling industry can point to ways in getting adequate affordable cupboards and shelving that meet your needs and your budget for your kitchen makeover. Econo Kitchens representatives are experienced professionals with the expertise you need to make your kitchen an enhanced functional space. Kitchens should be simplified working spaces without sacrificing a sophisticated look. Creative cupboard designs can achieve this objective, and promote the kitchen as a desired shared space that draws family and friends together.

Take a good look at the needs of your kitchen

One of the most visible features of your kitchen are the cupboards that serve many uses. Their function is to maintain the tidiness of your kitchen and keep its order. Not all kitchen remodels require a complete overhaul. Sometimes new kitchen cupboards can easily transform a drab kitchen into a dynamic fabulous looking room. When going this route to a kitchen upgrade, determining your needs in terms of storage and what your kitchen layout can accommodate is the first crucial step. Take a good look at your kitchen. Is it cluttered? Do you need more cupboard space to put things away? Can you move about easily without bumping into countertops or scraping elbows on the edging of furniture? Do you wish you had the various cooking appliances where you wanted them for better access? All of these questions are important considerations for making a kitchen a better functional environment.

An essential component of every kitchen are functional cupboards

The trick of a well-functioning modern kitchen is to keep everything in its place and out of sight, but also easily accessible, having only the most essential appliances like the much loved coffee machine conveniently on display. This way you can meet the demands of the rigorous environment the kitchen has become known to be. Not having to waste time and effort in looking for the colander or baking trays under layers of pots and pans or the soup ladle is a less frustrating way to preparing a meal and that takes the fun out of cooking. The primary function of cupboards is to provide a storage space for objects so that you know where they are when you need them. An organised kitchen can also bring about a sense of peace that calms a mind burdened by the hectic pace of living in today’s world.

Kitchen cupboards offers effective storage space

Due to the nature of the numerous diverse tasks performed in the kitchen, naturally space and storage will be your key priority areas when buying kitchen cupboards. Finding adequate space for all the cooking gadgets and utensils, appliances and crockery can be a tricky task. Oddly shaped appliances like the food processor and juicer can occupy valuable space. Fortunately modern kitchen cupboard designs available can feature different configurations to cover every need. When assessing space for new kitchen cupboards, considering the different things you will be putting in them will go a long way to not wasting storage space. Proper planning will minimise this and ensure that you get the most out of your cupboard storage.

What to look for when buying kitchen cupboards

With the right guidance and expertise buying cheap kitchen cupboards that fits your budget and gives your kitchen a revitalising face-lift can be an eye-opening experience. A kitchen remodel has the potential to be a drain on the pocket and finding ways to save money where you can is a useful trick. Here at Econo Kitchens, we do what we can to save our customers money and provide them with quality kitchen cupboards they are proud to have in their homes.

In determining the quality of cupboard construction, some things to look out for are:

  • Solid wood cupboards is preferable
  • Dove-tailed joinery instead of stapled drawer backs. Or opt for a metal box option
  • Full extension hardware to make drawer contents easily accessible
  • Soft close hinges on doors and drawers
  • A variety of choice when it comes to quality consistent finishes

Important factors in kitchen cupboard design

There is an art as well as a science to kitchen cupboard design. Your primary considerations would include: choice in desired material, durability, practicality, easy maintenance, and visual appeal. The cost factor may not relate to either the science part or the art in creating a design style, but your budget is equally important as a deciding factor. How much does your budget allow for material, what portion can you spend on hardware or the type of finish to create the look you want? Space and layout design are coveted forms of currency in a well-ordered kitchen. Wasting space is a costly expense that can take the form of consuming valuable time when time is of an essence.

The style and design of kitchen cupboards can either enhance the orderliness and functionality of a kitchen or the wrong type can break it. Why put the investment of time and money at risk when you can experience the proficiency offered by Econo Kitchens? We put our experienced team of talented kitchen designers and gifted cupboard craftsmen to work on your dream designs.

When it comes to kitchen cupboard design, the important elements to consider are:

Cupboard material. The single most important factor in a cupboard’s design is the material used in its construction. Material affects the cost of your budget and the look you are after. Many homeowners opt for solid wood as the material of choice. Depending on the style you are after, other choices in suitable materials are melamine and a variety of metals like stainless steel.

Cupboard doors. An element that plays a critical role on the visual appeal of the kitchen cupboards is the door style you choose. There exists a diverse array of kitchen themes designs, and you can match door style to display a particular theme to advantage. Decorative features like elaborate wood detailing and raised moulding come into play here, especially on country-themed kitchens.

Cupboard hardware. Even a cupboard’s hardware components such as knobs and pulls contribute to the overall look. A variety of different types available can dress up a look or keep it more moderate. You can select products to enhance the theme of the kitchen.

Cupboard finish. One of the more exciting aspects of kitchen cupboard design is choosing the type of finish to complete the look of the furnishing to keep your overall décor authentic. Types of finish range from glazing, distressing to crackle.

Create culinary delights with theatrical themed kitchen cabinets

Kitchen remodelling experts suggest not overlooking the overall theme of your home when redesigning its look. Architectural integrity not only applies to the theme of your kitchen, but in the kitchen cupboard designs chosen that should match the theme you are aiming for.

Some great examples of popular themed kitchen found in many homes today includes:

  • Contemporary and trendy

Clean lines and bold finishes highlight a contemporary-themed kitchen. Glass, metal, stone and wood are suitable materials used in cupboard construction to carry off this look.

  • The Rustic look

Another popular look to modern kitchens include the look borrowed from the countryside. Neutral colours and earthy tones in painted and glazed cupboard finishes and simple mouldings are attributes of comfortable country kitchens.

  • Warmth of a Tuscan kitchen

You can recreate the look of an Italian kitchen into your own home, Kitchen cupboards that speak of rich warm colours and textures

  • Period kitchens

The grand elegance of the Victorian era is one of the reasons why Period themes are so highly favoured with modern homeowners. Cupboards with elaborate detail often feature in this kitchen design.

Exciting cupboard trends heating up kitchens

While no kitchen is complete without the functional cupboard, many homeowners are waking up to the fact that these customary furnishings need not be bland and boring. Exciting trends in cupboard style and design point to the huge impact cabinetry has on creating an attractive kitchen. Kitchen cupboards need to command attention for more reason than finding a place for silver tea set received as a wedding gift.

Defining trends that shape the modern kitchen makeover include:

  • The various shades of white in kitchen cupboards continue its everlasting favour, with a slight focus in grey stains.
  • If you require a bit more colour than that offered by white, neutral pastels are a viable alternative. Think pale blues, yellows and greens or tinted whites for coordinating cupboard colours.
  • The past is never forgotten and the retro look will always have a place in today’s kitchens. Brass cupboard finishes and high-gloss finishes offer a refined elegance to a retro theme.
  • If you find frills off-putting, strategic detailing on cupboards can be an enhancing feature. Cabinet crowns, for instance, may look less fussy but still create emphasis and draw attention.
  • Creative ways to bring in more light in a kitchen is always welcome. Cupboards built with integrated lighting has caught the imaginations of many homeowners. Light tape strips placed strategically as accent points inside, above and below cupboards work wonderfully well. Recessed lighting has the powerful capability of setting up an atmosphere. Opt for LED lighting as a green-friendly alternative.

Acquire new kitchen cupboards with less of a carbon footprint

Going green is a trend that is kind to the environment and makes for responsible consumerism. In choosing the materials in the construction of your unique kitchen cupboard designs, you have option of selecting eco-friendly materials and recycled wood that will beautify your home and have less of an impact on the planet. In addition to sustainable wood, glass as decorative elements is another choice of material that has less of an effect on the environment.

The use of colour is a clever technique to brighten up an ordinary looking kitchen cupboard

We use colour to do a number of extraordinary things: from brightening up living spaces to benefiting from its powerful effect on our psyches. Effective use of colour can inspire, calm, excite and heal. A cost effective quick solution to updating the look of your kitchen is to give kitchen cupboards a new coat of paint. The sky is really the limit when it comes to the colour you paint the cupboards in. Of course, the idea is to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. When painting kitchen cupboards, you can choose neutral colours that will complement any kitchen style. Or you can opt for bold eye-popping contrasting hues that will certainly attract the attention you want.

Quality painting results require the services of a professional painting contractor

Professional kitchen cupboard painting contractors can make this process painless by working efficiently, expediently and meet exacting high standards with superior attention to detail. The significant difference between DIY painting kitchen cupboards and relying on a professional service are the efforts taken in preparation before painting begins. Professional preparation include: sanding and stripping cupboard surfaces while also checking for signs of cupboard damage. A knowing eye can identify potential areas for concern, and if proper steps are taken with the proper tools and skills, can lengthen the longevity of your kitchen cupboards. The second important factor in a professional paint job is the desired end result. Not only is the visual appeal of professionally painted cupboards striking, but the quality of the work carried out will ensure that the beautiful finish will last that much longer than the paint job of a lay person. The third important factor in painting kitchen cupboards is the superior quality of paint products used. A professional contractor has access to the best quality paints available in the industry and at economical prices. Opting to have your cupboards professionally painted will save you the exhausting effort that goes along with it and money in the longer term.

Custom made cupboards answers your every need

Sometimes readily-available kitchen cupboards do not meet the needs of your kitchen. There are many limitations when it comes to stock cupboards that include restrictions in the scope of materials as well as style and design offered. Often there is a choice in colour, but more often than not, there is no choice offered in terms of materials, shape and decorative elements and finish. If these matter to you, then custom made kitchen cupboards are the only alternative that provides unlimited options. The greater the detail in the design, the greater the one-of-a-kind cupboard showcased in your kitchen.

The benefits of made to measure cupboards include unique personalization and longer shelf life. Not only does unique personalization meet individual specifications, but the promise of an exclusively-designed kitchen. Some of these benefits are:

  • Custom made cupboards equate to higher quality wood and superior craftsmanship.
  • Unique shaped or size of kitchen requires unique storage solutions. Made to measure cupboards accommodate whatever the kitchen size or shape specifications are easily and stress free.
  • In a made to measure cupboard, you get to choose the material, the finish, the complementary hardware, and decorative details. You influence the look and atmosphere of your kitchen.
  • Determine the cupboard configuration that fits your cooking style. If you have always wanted a spice cabinet, this can be easily accommodated in the design of your choice.

Professional kitchen cupboard design assistance prioritizes your vision of a dream kitchen

Professional kitchen designers at Econo Kitchens can assist you with the latest cupboard style ideas and product information to create the kitchen you desire.

As a leading supplier in affordable kitchen cupboards, we offer a first rate service that look to serve your preferences and needs. Whether you opt for cheap kitchen cupboards or cupboards showcasing one-of-a-kind designs, we are your service.

If money is not an overriding concern and you want the advantages of an exclusive distinct look, why buy your kitchen cupboards like everyone else? Make the decision that you will enjoy every time you walk into the kitchen. The superb skill of the master craftsman at Econo Kitchens ensure you get a superior level of cupboard construction. Speak to one of our responsive representatives today.

Create lasting value in your kitchen’s design
with functional aesthetically pleasing kitchen cupboards