Tailor Make Your Kitchen Countertop to Enhance Your Modern Lifestyle

Well-designed countertops accentuate the efficient functioning of your kitchen

  • Ergonomic designs improves efficiency and organisation
  • Enhance the aesthetics and character of your kitchen
  • Quality workmanship offers unparalleled value and durability
  • Versatility in styles and materials to suit every need and preference

Kitchen countertops – the workbench of a well-oiled kitchen design

Countertops provide an important working surface area that is utilized for an amazing array of uses, from food preparation to housing key kitchen appliances to offering a spot where school projects are put together and homework completed under the watchful eye of mum. The multipurpose function of the kitchen makes lifestyle an important factor to consider when choosing the design style and material for the countertop in your kitchen. The longevity and maintenance of your countertop depends on this.

Types of kitchen countertops available

Technological advancements and avant-garde designs in the kitchen remodelling industry have made a diverse array of materials available for the design and construction of countertops. Homeowners can choose from the following:

  1. wood
  2. concrete
  3. quartz
  4. granite
  5. Formica
  6. marble
  7. laminate
  8. corian
  9. stainless steel
  10. glass
  11. natural stone

Each of these different materials for the various styles of kitchen working surfaces offer distinct features and favourable benefits to provide you with a countertop that meets your unique needs. Favourable benefits include: visual appeal, durability, stain resistant, scratch resistant, decorative elements and variety in colour and finish.

Countertop materials bridge form and function

Countertops represent one of the larger functional surface areas of the kitchen, which means that a lot of thought has to go into the type of materials you choose when it comes to selecting the right type of kitchen countertop that complements your lifestyle. Not all materials are created equal, some work harder and are more durable while others look good but require more maintenance requiring special cleaning products. Other factors that affect choice of materials are: hygiene, maintenance and cost. If you have a family, the type of countertop material highly preferable should prioritize robustness, stain and scratch resistance. A good choice would be granite or engineered stone or laminate as child-friendly and stress-free materials. A child-free home, on the other hand, can easily accommodate glass countertops, marble or natural stone.

The focal point of a kitchen is a distinctly decorative countertop

Every piece of furnishing in a modern kitchen should add to its value. The elegant beauty of your kitchen is largely dependent on your choice of countertop. As important as organisational value is, the visual appeal of a kitchen’s design depends on the type of countertop material and finish you choose. The countertop represents such a large part of a kitchen’s design that it has every promise of being the focal point of this highly functional living space. The type of material used to construct this working space significantly contributes to aesthetic value. From the timeless elegance of marble to classic stainless steel to the warmth of wood, the large number of materials available makes selecting your preferred choice fun and exciting. Another element that adds to the striking beauty of a perfectly designed countertop is the finish chosen.

Countertops should meet your organisational goals in the kitchen

It is easy to embrace easy living in an optimized and organised kitchen that features countertops that are especially designed to meet the individual needs of you and your family. One of the top priorities of every kitchen is the optimal use of space. Space includes working surface space as well as floor space. When choosing the shape of your countertop, be it L-shaped or U-shaped or V-shaped, factor in the amount of space you have and the amount of space you need. The last thing you would want in your aesthetically-pleasing remodelled kitchen is not enough floor space to move about without knocking elbows or knees into furniture. Additional surface areas can be created by including an island or breakfast bar into your design.

Happiness lives in custom created countertops

The kitchen is one of the happiest, if not the happiest room, in a home. It is also easily the most trafficked room that brings the family together. At the heart of your kitchen’s design is the right style of countertop that gives you adequate working and floor space to perform the many different activities efficiently and safely. The multi-purpose tasks countertops are used for means that the type of material you choose should offer various forms of protection that include heat resistance and warping. Often store bought countertops are not constructed to meet individual unique needs. More often than not, you would have to sacrifice one area of priority for another. In favour of stunning looks, you might have to comprise on the shape you want. The inconvenience of an inappropriate design style and disappointment in the not getting the desired look are eliminated by custom creating your own countertops. You have options in choosing materials, design, layout, edging and finish.

Professional expertise from Econo Kitchens turns kitchen design dreams into reality

Econo Kitchens have experienced staff and gifted craftsmen who can provide you with a striking distinctive working surface area for your kitchen that offers ample space, ergonomic design and high quality materials that will tick all of your boxes. Our professional staff have access to the latest trends, materials and products to translate your ideas into tangible results. Once we have identified your needs we will partner with you in planning a kitchen remodel that accommodates your desired style and budget. Your kitchen countertop design project is an investment of your time, money and improved functioning. Values of excellence and innovation rank high in our approach to all of our customers’ requests. Professional expertise from Econo Kitchens provide valuable advice and first rate customer service to help design dreams become reality for house-proud homeowners.

Your kitchen is as unique as you are. Gift it with a kitchen countertop that is a delight to behold and touch.